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Grounded Muse

Distance Energy Healing, Remote Grid Activation and Gem Elixirs.
Opening at 10:00 AM
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I am a Certified Crystal Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Master and a Certified Naturopath.

I provide crystal gem elixirs from my collection of rare crystals using the direct or indirect methods and preserved with glycerin. Check my Crystal list, I take any request or combinations.

Online energy...

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Gem Elixirs in a 2 oz. colored glass dropper bottle.
Custom made from any on my list of over 140 gems and minerals.
You will find a link for my most popular Elixirs of rare stones such as Sugalite, Rhodizite and Moldavite made indirectly and Charoite, Natural Citrine and Lemurian Crystal points ...

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2nd half of the list of Crystals and minerals used:
magnetite, magnetite, malachite, marcasite, moldavite, mookite jasper, moonstone black, moonstone rainbow, moonstone, obsidian, onyx green, opal black, opal green, opal, opalite, peridot, petrified wood, polychrome/dessert jasper, prehnite...

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Here is a list of my over 140 different Crystals and minerals I use for the Elixirs, Layouts, Grids and Chakras. I have to break it into 2 posts.

agate banded, agate blue lace, agate flower, amazonite, amblygonite, amethyst, apatite blue, apophyllite, aqua marine, aragonite blue, aragonite, ...

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Get a Crystal Gem Elixir, Fool Proof Spells, Crystal Grid activation for you and Distance Chakra Balancing.

I am a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner and Advanced Crystal Master.

Distance energy healing tailored to your needs and schedule.


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Energy Healing, Grids & Elixirs

Get a Crystal Gem Elixir made from rare gems and minerals, get a Crystal Grid assembled, activated and maintained for you and Distance Chakra Balancing.  

I am a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Master and Certified Naturopath. 

Distance energy healing offered and tailored to your needs and schedule. 

 I can do Chakra Balancing wherever you are! We simply schedule a mutual time where you can relax and receive the benefits of Crystal Energy. 

This can be done by video or I can provide a report and pictures after. 

Distance Chakra Balancing is done at a scheduled time so that you can relax, meditate or sleep for maximum benefit. Please allow 50-60 minutes. Pictures or video will be provided with report and any questions will be answered. 

With all Chakra Balancing the light column will be activated before for optimal results and the points of energy loss will be sealed after to increase the benefits. 

 Remote Crystal Grids are activated and maintained for a week, with extensions available. 

*Here is a list of my current collection of over 140 rocks and minerals available for any kind of grid or chakra balancing or Elixirs.

agate banded,   agate blue lace,  agate flower, amazonite,  amblygonite,  amethyst,  apatite blue,  apache tears, apophyllite,  aqua marine,  aragonite blue,  aragonite,  arfvedsonite,  astrophyllite,  aventurine green,  aventurine peach,  aventurine red,  aventurine yellow,  axinite,  azurite,  bloodstone,  bronzite,  blue chalcedony, calcite green,   calcite blue  calcite dogtooth calcite honey calcite optical,   calcite orange,      carnelian,  celestite,  chalcopyrite,  charoite,  chiastolite,  chrysocolla,  chrysoprase,  citrine green,  citrine,  dalmatian jasper, danburite,  dessert rose,  diopside,  dumortierite,  eastonite,  emerald,  fluorite blue,  fluorite lavender, fluorite rainbow  fluorite yellow,  garnet,  goldstone blue,  goldstone,  hematite,  Herkimer diamond,  heulandite pink,  hiddenite,  howlite,  jade,  kyanite black,  kyanite blue,  kyanite green,  labradorite,  lapis lazuli,  larvikite,  leopard skin jasper, lepidolite,  lodestones,  magnetite,  magnetite,  malachite,  marcasite,  moldavite,  mookite jasper, moonstone black,  moonstone rainbow,  moonstone,  obsidian,  onyx green,  opal black,  opal green,  opal,  opalite,  peridot,  petrified wood,  polychrome/dessert jasper,  prehnite with epidote,  prehnite,  pyrite with magnetite,  pyrite,  quantum quattro,  quartz amphibole,  quartz angel aura,  quartz aqua aura,  quartz candle,  quartz clear,  quartz with chlorite, quartz elestial,  quartz faden,  quartz fire,  quartz golden healer, quartz red,   quartz smoky,  quartz strawberry,  quartz tibetan,  quartz water,  quartz rose  quartz rutilated quartz titanium aura ,   quartz tourmalated, red jasper, rhodizite, rhodochrosite,  rhodonite, rhyolite,  ruby,  sardonyx,  satin spar,  scolecite,  selenite orange,  selenite,  septarian,  serpentine,  shell jasper,   shiva lingam,  shungite,  sodalite,  specularite,  sphalerite aura,  stilbite,  stromolite,  sugalite,  sunstone,  super seven,  tektite,  tiffany stone,  tigers eye blue,  tigers eye,  topaz blue,   topaz silver,  topaz golden , topaz,   tourmaline black,  tourmaline green,  tourmaline pink,  tourmaline red,  turquoise,  unakite,  vanadinite.

email me for any customizations 

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